Belleville, N.J., Sons KIA

Normandy Invasion of Fortress Europe

Francis C. Mc Enery 1.4.44/Belgium

Frank H. Metzler 3.8.44/Germany

Lt. Wilbur M. Brean 5.27.44/Europe

William B. Jones 5.27.44/Europe

Ralph E. Ledogar 5.30.44/Germany

Patrick Barbone 6.2.44/France

Herman M. Doell 6.6.44/France

Albert H. Lariviere 6.6.44/France

Original photo by Robert Caruso, used by permission.

Carmine Olivo 6.6.44/English Channel *

Lee O. White 6.8.44/France

Arthur Burke 6.9.44/English Channel *

Edward Henris 6.9.44/France *

Ronald F. Mc Cormack 6.9.44/Normandy

Emil Ostrowski 6.6.44/over England

Stevano J. Mosco 7.27.44/Normandy

Victor R. Bruegman 7.2.44/over Hungary

John J. Daly Jr. 7.4.44/Normandy

Angelo Guarino 7.18.44/France

Wallace E. Reed 8.6.44/France

Robert A. Stecker 8.15.44/France

Leonard R. Willette 9.22.44/France

John Verian 10.44/Siegfried Line

Joseph Masi 10.25.44/France

Patrick J. Hoey 12.14.44/Germany

William H. Deighan 12.30.44/Germany

Walter Antonik 1.45/Europe

John J. Smith 1.5.45/over England

Frank Rankin 3.6.45/over France

William Hamilton 4.2.45/Germany

George Malizia Jr. 4.7.45/Germany

William E. Thetford Jr. 4.20.45/Germany

Walter Nusbaum 4.25.45/Germany

Wilfred Potis 4.26.45/England

John Brown 5.28.45/Austria

Ernest H. Alden Jr. 3.45/Austria

* Henris & Burke & Olivo were likely on the same ship and perished at the same time as all three served in 3422nd Ordnance Automotive Maintenance Company

The families were notified in July, November and December 1944


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