World War II, Belleville, N.J.

More than 110 Belleville sons died in World War II.

 Remember their sacrifice as you enjoy the freedom
they died to preserve.

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Normandy Invasion of Fortress Europe



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Eugene Adams was killed in action in the Pacific prior to April 28, 1945.

Lt. Ernest Alden was declared KIA in Europe on November 1945.

Peter Andrusyn was killed in the South Pacific on Feb. 26, 1945.

Walter Joseph Antonik was KIA over Europe on Jan. 3, 1945.

Patrick Barbone was killed over Europe on June 2, 1944.

Joseph Bengivengo was KIA about May 1945.

Giavanni Bocchino was killed in the South Pacific on Oct. 25, 1944.

Charles R. Braun, USN,  was killed June 5, 1943

Lt. Wilbur Brean, was KIA over Europe on May 27, 1944

Alvin C. Brown was killed in Italy on April 6, 1945.

John Brown was killed in Manchusen, Austria, on May 28, 1945

Victor R. Bruegman was killed over Hungary on July 2, 1944.

Arthur Burke was killed during the Normandy invasion on June 9, 1944.

Joseph Burlazzi was killed in Tunisia in March 1943.

Morris C. Catalano was KIA at Anzio, Italy, on May 14, 1944.

Lt. Kenneth Chewey died in Manila, the Philippines, on July 23, 1945.

Joseph John Cifrodella
was lost at sea on Nov. 4, 1944.

Clatie Cunningham Jr. was killed in the South Pacific on July 23, 1945.

Joseph Curran was declared KIA over Europe on March 1, 1946.

John J. Daly Jr.  was KIA in Normandy on July 4, 1944.

William H. Deighan was KIA over the English Channel, Dec. 30, 1944

Edward DiCarlo was KIA on Guam on June 26, 1945.

John Del Grosso died in San Diego, Calif. on Nov. 8, 1943.

Nicholas Del Grosso, 19, KIA in Italy on Feb. 20, 1944.

John A. Distasio, 19, KIA in the South Pacific on June 22, 1945.

Herman M. Doell was KIA in Europe on June 6, 1944.

George R. Fredericks was killed in service during WWII.

Harry C. Fredericks was KIA in the Gulf of Mexico on May 19, 1942.

Lt. William Fredericks was declared KIA on May 5, 1945.

Michael G. Froehlich was killed over Europe on June 11, 1943.

Gerald Fuselle died in North Africa on July 10, 1943.

William Gaydos was killed in the Atlantic on Oct. 9, 1943.

Angelo Guarino was KIA in France on July 18, 1944.

Stanley Guzik was KIA in the Philippines.

William Hamilton was KIA in Germany on April 2, 1945.

Donald Hartley was killed in the North Atlantic on Aug. 18, 1943.

Lt. (jg) Richard T. Hayes was killed in the Pacific on April 27, 1945.

Edward R. Henris was killed in Europe on June 9, 1944.

Patrick J. Hoey was killed in Germany on Dec. 14, 1944

William Hourigan was KIA in the Philippines about Nov. 5, 1944.

Louis H. Jannarone died in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 31, 1944.

Seaman 2/ John Johnson died in the South Pacific on Aug. 4, 1945.

1st Lt. William B. Jones was killed over Europe on May 27, 1944.

Corp. Warren Jordan was killed in the Pacific March 7, 1945.

John J. Kant Jr.  was reported missing in action July 30, 1942.

John Kirwin was killed in the South Pacific on Sept. 5, 1944.

Joseph Klimchock was killed in Italy on Dec. 2, 1943.

Thomas Lamb was KIA in the Pacific in 1945.

Joseph LaPenta was killed in combat in Italy on Jan. 21, 1944.

Albert H. Lariviere was KIA at Normandy on June 6, 1944.

Ralph E. Ledogar was KIA over Germany on May 30, 1944

Arthur Leithauser was KIA in France on Nov. 2, 1944.

Emil M. Liloia was KIA on Iwo Jima on March 1, 1945.

Benjamin Lucas was killed in China on Sept. 28, 1945.

Arthur H. Lundgren died at Fort Dix, N.J., in September 1941.

Mario (Morano) Maiorano was killed in Tunisia in May 1943.

George Malizia Jr. was killed in Germany on April 7, 1945.

Gus M.  Marshall Jr. was killed in Italy on July 8, 1945.

Joseph A. Masi was KIA in France on Oct. 25, 1944.

Ronald F. Mc Cormack  was MIA in Normandy, June 9, 1944 .

Sgt. Joseph Mc Dermott was killed in Europe in 1944.

Francis C. Mc Enery was killed over Belgium on Jan. 4, 1944.

Edgar H. Mc Ginty was KIA in Manila on Dec. 15, 1945

Corp. Hector Mc Neill was killed at Anzio, Italy, on June 1, 1944.

William Mears was KIA in the South Pacific on Sept. 15, 1944.

2nd Lt. Roger J. Mellion was killed in a plane crash Jan. 13, 1945.

Frank H. Metzler was presumed dead over Germany on Sept. 10, 1945.

 John J. Miller, Jr. was KIA on Saipan in 1944.

Emanual J. Montalbano was KIA.

Steveno J. Mosco was KIA in Normandy July 27, 1944.

Glenn Nelson, 21, missing in a hurricane Sept. 12, 1944.

2nd Lt. Anthony Noto was killed in Italy on April 28, 1945.

Vincent F. Nucci was KIA Oct. 21, 1943.

Walter A. Nusbaum was killed in Germany on April 25, 1945.

Harry Nyegaard was killed in Saipan on June 19, 1944.

Carmine Olivo was killed during the invasion of France on June 6, 1944 

Emil Ostrowski was killed in France in June 1944.

Stephen R. Otozky was killed at sea on Feb. 2, 1943.

John Paterno was killed in Tunisia in February 1943.

Angelo Patrizio was killed in Europe on May 16, 1945.

Thomas Peacock was killed at sea on Sept. 11, 1943.

Frank Pepitone

Albert E. Pole was killed in Guam.

1st Lt. Wilfred Potis was killed in England on April 26, 1945.

Frank Rankin was killed over France on March 6, 1945.

Joseph Razes died in the South Pacific on June 2, 1944.

Wallace Reed was KIA in France on Aug. 6, 1944.

Stanley Reynolds died in Nutley while home on leave May 3, 1942.

Joseph Rizzo was KIA.

John Rogers was MIA before February 1944.

Frank J. Rosania was KIA in Brest, France on Aug. 26, 1944.

2nd Lt. Edmund Sadlock was KIA in the South Pacific Feb. 19, 1945.

William Salmon was KIA in Palue Islands on Sept. 23, 1944.

1st Lt. Harry Salz died at Fort Dix, N.J., on July 25, 1943.

Theodore Sanok was killed in an accident at Ft. Blanding, Fla.

George J. Schemm was KIA on in the South Pacific on March 31, 1945

Salvatore Sena was KIA in Anzio, Italy on April 8, 1944.

2nd Lt. George Skeen died of wounds on Oct. 19, 1944

Lt. John J. Smith was killed over England Jan. 5, 1945.

Robert Stecker was KIA in France on August 15, 1944.

Gerald Strigari died in the Brooklyn Naval Hospital on Aug. 10, 1944.

Joseph C. Taibi was killed in Tunisia in April 1943.

Robert C. Taylor was killed near Bermuda on Aug. 20, 1944.

Robert S. Taylor was killed overseas before February 1944.

William Thetford Jr. was KIA in Germany on April 20, 1945.

Gus F. Vaccaro was KIA Feb. 26, 1945.

John Verian was KIA in Germany on Sept. 18, 1944.

John Volinski died in the Panama Canal Zone on March 28, 1942.

Sgt. Louis Wagner died following an accident in Georgia, on Oct. 2, 1942.

Harry Ward Jr. was MIA in the Philippines on Dec. 12, 1944.

John Waters died Feb. 13, 1946, from injuries sustained in the Pacific.

James T. White was KIA in Italy in Aug. 16, 1944.

Lee O. White was killed during the D-Day invasion on June 8, 1944

William White was KIA off Salerno, Italy, Sept. 11, 1943.

Leonard Willette was MIA over Germany Sept. 22, 1945.

Lt. Edward P. Wood was killed in North Africa on Jan. 10, 1944.

Fred R. Wyckoff was KIA in Tunisia on August 1943.

Joseph Zecca was killed in Italy Oct. 29, 1944

BELLEVILLE, N.J. (Feb. 12, 1942) -- R-Weekend For Men Age 20-45; Must Register at School ... If you can't get to board, it will get to you ... Commission Candidates Lose At Least 1000 Votes of Men In Armed Forces ... Local men 21 and over - over 800 men in Army by draft by May...

BELLEVILLE, N.J. (Feb. 19, 1942) -- More than 200o were registered in new draft ...

The population of Belleville, N.J.,  in 1940 was 28,167.

May 18, 1944 Honor Roll

August 31, 1944 Honor Roll

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According to the American Battle Monuments Commission,
of the 405,399 Americans that lost their lives during World War II, there were 78,976 Missing In Action.

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Belleville Street Sign Memorials

In June 2016, Belleville Township Council this month passed a resolution to dedicate certain streets in town to servicemen who hailed from the municipality.

As we add these signs, we are trying to contact relatives of the soldiers to be present at the ceremony.

If you are family or know of family of these fallen soldiers, please contact us.

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