John N. Waters

John Waters Dies at Home Following Overseas Illness

(Feb. 21, 1946) -- John Waters died Feb. 13, 1946, from injuries sustained while serving with the Marines, 2nd Division for three years in the South Pacific.

Waters, who left Belleville High School to join the Marines, never took a furlough. He shipped out to the Pacific at the end of his basic training.

The young Marine served in battle campaigns including Tarawa, Pelieu, Tinian, Ie Shima - where newspaper writer Ernie Pyle was killed by a sniper - Okinawa and Saipan.

He was sick with dengue fever, a tropical disease and had been hospitalized overseas.

Waters received a purple heart, and was discharged on last December.

He died at home on February 13.


The Belleville Times, Feb. 21, 1946

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