Cpl. Hector McNeill

Corp. Hector McNeill War Casualty at Anzio

(July 13, 1944) -- Cpl. Hector McNeill was killed in action in the Anzio Beachhead on June 1.

The battle of Anzio, Italy, a beachhead invasion began in May 1944. Allied troops were held on the beachhead for five months before the breakthrough after Monte Cassino allowed the US 5th Army to dislodge the Germans from the Alban Hills and allow the Anzio force to begin its advance on Rome.

The young man was a member of an anti-aircraft battalion. He had been in the Army for two years, and went overseas a year ago.

McNeill, of 42 Cedar Hill Avenue, Belleville, N.J., came to America from Scotland 12 years ago.


The Belleville Times, July 13, 1944

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