John Johnson

Seaman John Johnson Dies After Shipboard Accident
Red Cross Helps Mother Reach Son's Side
In California Hospital

(Aug. 16, 1945) -- Seaman 2/c John Johnson, 18, died from a fractured skull sustained in an accident aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific on August 4.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson of 66 Greylock Parkway, he left Belleville High School last March to enlist in the Navy. He was awarded his diploma in June.

Johnson trained in Sampson, N.Y.

He was on the carrier about a month when he slipped and fractured his skull. He was rushed to the Navy hospital in Oakland, Calif. He died five days later, three days after his mother arrived.

The Red Cross was praised for its efforts and assistance in the mother and child reunion.


The Belleville Times, Aug. 16, 1945

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