Belleville, New Jersey, in the American Revolution


(1) - New Jersey Official Register - Stryker

(2) - Newspaper Extracts

(3) - The Battles of Trenton and Princeton - Stryker

(4) - Monographs of the Revolution - Stryker

(5) - History of the Presbyterian Church - Hall

(6) - History of Burlington & Mercer Counties - Woodward

(7) - The Mechanics Bank - Dr. Godfrey

(8) - Burial Records - Mrs. Murray

(9) - Nelson's Biographical Encyclopedia

(10) - History of Trenton - Raum

(11) - Historical Collections - Barber & Howe

Mabel W. Howell

Historian - The General David Forman Chapter

SOLDIERS AND HEROES OF THE WAR OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION from the Dutch Reformed Church - Belleville, New Jersey, (formerly Second River).


Jersey-men in the Revolutionary War - William Stryker

History of Essex and Hudson Counties - William H. Shaw

Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society - Vol. I 3rd Series

New Jersey Archives Marriage Records from 1665-1800, 1st Series, Vol.22

Bloomfield Old and New - Joseph F. Folsom

Church-Yard Records - taken in 1847-1901 & in 1926-27

Manuscript Copies of 1847-1901 Church-Yard records in possession of New Jersey Historical Society Rooms 16, West Park St. Newark, N.J.

Family Traditions, Daughters of the American Revolution National Numbers -- Compiled by Grace Louise Ward (Mrs. Henry C.)

Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War

Battles and Skirmishes In New Jersey Of the American Revolution By David C. Munn

The Continental Line (American Revolution) By John U. Rees

Belleville Historical Society

Revolutionary War Sites in Belleville, N.J.

Michael Perrone, Belleville Historical Society

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Belleville Sons Honor Roll

  A Place of Honor and Remembrance In the Home of the Brave

Belleville, New Jersey

American Revolution

Belleville and Nutley were the village of Second River, that is, the village included all the land between the Second and Third rivers, or roughly from present day Mill Street in Belleville to Kingsland Road at the Nutley-Clifton border.

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BELLEVILLE SONS HONOR ROLL - Remembering the men who paid for our freedom

 Old Belleville

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Nutley Sons Honor Roll


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BELLEVILLE SONS HONOR ROLL - Remembering the men who paid for our freedom

Belleville and Nutley in the Civil War - a Brief History

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