Robert Chester Taylor

Taylor, Crew Lost at Sea

(Sept. 7, 1944) -- Robert C. Taylor, 24, of Bremond Street, radioman, 2/c, was killed on a patrol mission off Hamilton, Bermuda, on Aug. 20.

Seaman Taylor is the son of Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor, Bremond Street.

Taylor entered the Navy in May 1942.

Most of his Navy service was spent in Panama.

On Aug. 20, 1944 : Lieutenant (jg) Stanley C. Smith and seven crewmen were killed in a crash approximately 25 miles north of Bermuda while on an ASW practice bombing hop. Cause of the crash was unknown.

According to U.S. Navy archives:

PBM-3S: #6717;VP-207; Aug 20, 1944 (1030): 20mi. North of Bermuda;

Purpose of flight; Training. Anti-submarine bombing and instrument flying.


Insofar as we have been able to determine there were not witnesses to the accident. After a through investigation, it is the opinion of the Board, that the plane crashed & caught fire (or exploded) from cause undetermined, and sank in 900-ft of water. Only parts of plane recovered were right and left wing floats, partially burned seat cover from either flight engineer's seat, radiomen's seat, or radar operators seat; partially burned rubber life raft & aux gas tank.

Crew missing:

Pilot: Lt. (jg). Stanley Charles Smith  A-VN USNR
Ens.Joe Billy Longhorne  A-VN USNR
AMM2c. Marion Daniel Colvard  USNR
AMM3c. Fleming (n) Whitney  USNR
S1c.Will Mitchel Haire  USNR
ARM2c. Robert Chester Taylor  USNR
AOM1c. Joseph Ellsworth Cook  USNR
AOM1c. James Lloyd Noel  USN

Taylor, 21, (sic) an aviation radioman, was slated to return to States the next day to begin radio training.

VPB-207 was Established as Patrol Squadron 207 (VP-207) on Dec. 1, 1942. It was redesignated Patrol Bombing Squadron 207 (VPB-207) on 1 Oct. 1, 1944. It was disestablished on June 26, 1945.

The squadron's insignia featured an alligator holding a flaming bomb. No examples of the design exist in the records.

Robert C. Taylor
Aviation Radioman, Second Class, U.S. Navy
United States Naval Reserve
Entered the Service from: New Jersey
Died: August 20, 1944

Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at East Coast Memorial
New York City, USA


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