War of Independence Veterans Buried in Belleville

Belleville Historical Society

Belleville, New Jersey 07109

Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery



The men named on the plaque risked everything to provide freedom for those of us who stand here today. When the men of Belleville rose up against England, it was no sure thing that the colonies would prevail but that the revolutionaries and their leaders might hang.

The Dutch Reformed Church, in what was known as Second River, now Belleville, New Jersey, was established in 1697. The private cemetery on the west side of the building has in it buried at least 66 American Revolution War veterans.

The Belleville Historical Society honors these brave men each year on Independence Day.

Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery

American Revolution veterans burial grounds, Belleville, NJ

John Bayley

Henry Brown

Harmanus Brown *

Isaac Brown

John Brown

Henry Cadmus

Isaac Cadmus

John P. Cadmus

John H. Cadmus

Peter Cadmus

Lt. Col. Thomas Cadmus

James Campbell

Minard Curen

Capt. Amos Dodd

Thomas Doremus

Anthony Francisco

John Francisco

Jacob Freeland

John Garland

Garrabrant Garrabrants

John Gilliland

John Harrison

James Hornblower

Josiah Hornblower

James Jacobus

John Jacobus

Henry Jacobus

Richard Jacobus

Capt. Henry Joralemon

Helmich Joralemon

Lt. Capt. James Joralemon

Capt. John Kidney

Abram King

Aurey King

William King

John King

Isaac Kingsland

John Kingsland

John Luker

Joseph Miller

William Nixon

Ensign John Peer

Jacob Pier

Jacob Riker

Daniel Rutan

Capt. Anthony Rutgers

Gerard Rutgers

Robert Rutgers

Capt. Thomas Seigler

Capt. Abraham Speer

Capt. Cornelius Speer

Capt. Henry Speer

Francis Speer

Lt. Herman Speer

James Speer

John Speer

John Spier

Lt. John Spier Jr.

Christian Stimets

Capt. Steven Van Courtlandt

Daniel Teurs

Thomas Van Riper

Simeon Van Winkle

Michael Vreeland

Capt. Ezekial Wade

Samuel Ward

John Winne

In addition to the scores of officers and enlisted men, the cemetery is also the final resting place of Capt. Josiah Hornblower, patriot leader who also served in the Continental Congress.

Joseph Hornblower, the first son of Josiah Hornblower, was killed in battle in Union County also in 1777. The exact date and location are being researched. He is believed to be buried near the battlefield where he fell. Perrone note that after Joseph's death and the birth of another son, Hornblower named his newest son Joseph in memory of his deceased brother. This Joseph Courtney Hornblower went on to become the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Read more: Col. Philip Van Cortlandt added to roster of veterans buried in church cemetery

Second River - Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery July 4

The Old Dutch Church


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