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21 Belleville Sons are known to have died in the Great War

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Historians identify WW1 Belleville Marine

awarded Congressional Medal of Honor

APRIL 2018 -- G/Sgt. Fred W. Stockham, of 96 Dow Street, Belleville, N. J., died June 22, 1918, of wounds received in action at Belleau Wood, France.  The Medal of Honor citation reads, in part,

"During an intense enemy bombardment with high explosive and gas shells which wounded or killed many members of the company, G/Sgt. Fred Stockham, upon noticing that the gas mask of a wounded comrade was shot away, without hesitation, removed his own gas mask and insisted upon giving it to the wounded man, well knowing that the effects of the gas would be fatal to himself.... "

The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. It is generally presented to its recipient by the president of the United States of America in the name of Congress.

Historian Tim Daudelin, formerly of Belleville, had written a biographical profile of Stockham without realizing the Newark fireman had lived in Belleville. Daudelin visited the memorials on Union Avenue in Belleville and spotted Stockham among those listed as the town's WWI casualties. Daudelin contacted Belleville Historical Society President Michael Perrone and historian Anthony Buccino and further researched confirmed Stockham's local address and more of his history.

These 21 Belleville Sons are known to have died in the Great War:

 William C. Bain Jr.

Harry Benjamin Blekicki (Smith)

 Carmine Caruccio

Edward J. Crowell

 Gregory Mc Pherson Davey

 George Eyre

 Michael A. Flynn

 Harry M. Garside

 Henry C. Hoag

 George J. Kalvio

Edward J. Kane

 Charles Mc Ginty

Thomas J. Mooney

Charles E. Morgan

Michael J. Murray

Carmelo Sarno

 Charles A. Schaffer

George S. Smith

William T. Smith

Fred W. Stockham

 George A. Younginger

NOTE: Nearly one hundred years after the war, this tribute site to the fallen soldiers is still under construction. New sources and resources continue to arise and we dig into their depths for more information.

St. Peter's Cemetery WW1 Memorial -  2016 by A Buccino/ St. Peter's Cemetery, WW1 Memorial  2017 A Buccino

2016 and later restored memorial, May 2017

St. Peter's Church Dedicates Memorial

To Great War Fallen Soldiers

On May 29, 1929, a section of the St. Peter's Church rectory grounds at the corner of William and Dow streets was dedicated a monument to the memory of the men had lost their lives in the "several wars."

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, cemetery, Belleville, NJ. by Anthony BuccinoFive thousand people attended the ceremonies including John Barrett, the last of the Civil War veterans in Belleville; veterans of the Spanish American War and World War I; and members of the American Legion and its Ladies Auxiliary, as well as several other organizations.

The ceremony was described as beautiful and moving. The address of presentation to the church was made by John A. Matthews, and the speech of acceptance made by a former congressman, James Hammill.

Five thousand voices were raised to sing the "Star Spangled Banner," while Lt. Edward J. Lister of the Foreign Legion raised the flag to the top of the monument.

Bishop Walsh led the congregation in the salute to the flag, and then the crowd sang "Holy God We Praise Thy Name."

Taps were sounded in memory of the war dead, and a salute fired under the direction of Lt. Commander Morrow of the U.S. Navy.

Names of those inscribed in the monument who lay down their lives for their country included Harry Benjamin Blekicke, Carmen Carruccio, Edward Crowell, Michael Augustus Flynn, Henry Charles Hoag, Edward Joseph Kane, Charles McGinty, Thomas Joseph Mooney, Michael John Murray, Charles Aloysius Schaffer, William Thomas Smith, Fred W. Stockham, and George John Kalvio.

This monument has since been relocated to a place of honor at the main entrance to the cemetery." 

Adapted from
St. Peter's Church, Belleville, New Jersey - 150 Years

According to the American Battle Monuments Commission, of the 136,516 Americans that lost their lives during World War I, there were 4,452 Missing In Action.

The population of Belleville in 1920 was 15,696.


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Belleville Town Hall Victory Monument

Ed Morrows, grandnephew of Edward Crowell

Newark Star-Eagle

 St. Mihiel Trip-Wire - From

St. Peter's Church, Belleville, New Jersey - 150 Years

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Belleville Sons Honor Roll

  A Place of Honor and Remembrance In the Home of the Brave

Belleville, New Jersey

Belleville Town Hall memorial, Copyright 2003 Anthony Buccino

 Victory statue in front of Town Hall, honors the Belleville sons ''who served in the World War, and in perpetual memory of those of their number who gave their lives in the service and whose names are here inscribed.'' Below, close up of names on above shield. Monument is located in front of Town Hall on Washington Avenue, Belleville, N.J.

Photos 2003 by Anthony Buccino

Belleville Town Hall WWI memorial, Copyright 2003 Anthony BuccinoJersey City Skyline, Harborside north

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